Article giving a brief overview of Angular Js

Here’s an article which tries sharing a brief about Angular Js – ‘What is Angular?

This article primarily tries to help those who want to capture a glimpse of entire picture before going for a deep dive in Angular Js.

Starting with sharing the history of why a need was felt to have something like Angular, this article goes upto talking about what’s new in Angular 2 and which version would suit your purpose more, though not in great detail which is what many people might be looking for before getting serious about using Angular.

This article is written by a front end developer from KendoUI, which is a framework based upon Angular, and thus good insights can perhaps be expected due to the experience involved.

So, go ahead and give it a read to get a good head-start if you are planning to begin with AngularJs.


Is NodeJs a language, a framework or a library?

One of the first confusion, which anyone beginning with node.js faces, is that whether its a new language, or is it a framework or is it a library?

Well, actually its none of these.

Node.js is niether a language nor its a framework and also its not a library. Rather, its a run time environment.

Yes, node.js is actually a run time environment which is built over V8 Javascript engine of Chrome, and this is mentioned clearly at the home page of node.js as well.

The way we have runtime environments in Java (called JVM) and .NET (called Common Language Runtime) which are responsible for the execution, similarly, node.js acts a runtime environment for the code written in Javascript. Thus, one can make use of node modules, harnessing the power of non-blocking I/O operations and create code in Javascript finally making this code run in node.js.

Thus, if asked – What is node.js? – one can confidently and clearly reply – Its a Runtime Environment.

Hope this helps.