Misconception associated with HTML5 Shiv

HTML5 is great, but older version of browsers, esp. that of IE, don’t support many tags of HTML5.

This makes life of web designers and developers difficult, who surely want their websites to display and run the same way across all browsers.

Here comes HTML5 Shiv to the rescue of designers and developers. HTML5 Shiv is actually a Javascript workaround which can be used in IE, esp. for versions less than 9, to enable styling of HTML5 tags.

Please note that the most important part here to keep in mind is that HTML5 Shiv will only allow ‘styling’ of HTML5 tags. This in no way means that HTML5 Shiv will create functionality for tags which don’t exist in browsers.

For example, lets take the case of video tag. Video tag has been introduced in HTML5 and is not supported by older versions of IE. Now, if we use HTML5 Shiv in these older versions then will we be able to use Video tag and play videos in them? The answer is NO!

What HTML5 Shiv actually does is that it will allow only styling of HTML5 tags but will actually not add any associated functionality with that tag.

Thus, do remember, that using HTML5 Shiv will only allow styles to get applied to HTML5 tags in older browser version but will not provide any functionality to such tags. How does HTML5 Shiv do this, we will take a look at that in another post.


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