Why Javascript holds key to future of software development?

In the long history of programming languages, if one language can take the honor of being the most successful one so far then that language has to be Java.

Java has enjoyed its unique position of being a multi-faceted language. Be it network/internet programming which it catered through applets, or desktop programming or robust enterprise applications, you name it and Java could, and still is, able to take care of it.

Java also bridged the gap created because of the presence of multiple operating systems using its principle of write-once-run-anywhere. All these abilities made Java first choice of developers, leading to creation of a strong community which kept strengthening the language further.

But things have been changing in recent times. As shared in the post here, popularity of browsers and related technologies has been increasing steadily.

In this new budding ecosystem, the programming language which is emerging as sole winner is Javascript. The logic is simple, most applications are now being browser based and browser understands only Javascript as programming language, thus more the dependence increases on browser greater would be the rise in popularity of Javascript.

But this browser based popularity is only one side of story for Javascript.

Javascript is also playing a cruicial role in mobile devices application development. With frameworks like Phonegap, which rely on Javascript APIs, its now possible to create multi-platform apps which will only get better with time.

Moving beyond, with the advent of node.js, now Javascript is almost everywhere!! Even in field of IoT, devices are increasingly using Javascript.

With all these reasons, Javascript is all set to write the future of software development and on the verge of becoming the most popular programming language, creating the history.


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