Browser – the new application platform!

Recently there has been a sudden boom related to talent demand for UI technologies. People have started showing interest in not only Javascript, but also CSS and HTML.

Its not that these technologies have recently emerged. They have been here for more than 20 years, but an increase in demand for them has picked up steadily in recent times.

One of the major reason behind this is the interest which Enterprises have started taking up in having a Browser-based application.

In earlier days, most of the Enterprise applications used to be something which will either download or get installed your system. When you start such an application, then it will connect to network and allow you perform various operations.

Such applications are now fast becoming a legacy. This can be attributed to multiple reasons, like growing reach of internet at better speeds, willingness of staying connected no matter what is the device or location, improved browser performances and stability, using SASS for being cost effective and so on to quote a few.

Due to all this, these days most of the Enterprises demand a solution or product which runs on a browser. Such a solution is now considered to be not only at par with the times but also ready for future and this has made Browser – the New Application Platform!!

More & more of legacy applications are either being migrated or under the plan of migration to be able to run in a browser. And this also explains the rise in interest in UI Technologies. So if you come across an application which is either installed or downloaded on system currently, be prepared to let it go soon as a new browser based version would be making up its way faster than expected.


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