Principles behind the vision of Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser has been extremely successful.

Since its launch, Chrome browser has evolved to become the most popular browser used across the internet in a short span of time which is truly stupendous. Behind such a successful product, it is said that there lies a set of 4 principles which acted as guidelines for the team while creating and evolving this product.

Following are those 4 principles with a brief about them:

  • Speed – Have the least possible response time for the user
  • Security – Be conservative with privileges
  • Stability – Ensure that multiple operations/tabs do not hinder with each other
  • Simplicity – Give content more importance than frills

So these were the 4 principles which acted as guiding light for the team working at this amazing product, which proved to be a great success among users.

Having such clear principles laid out, along with a sharp vision, helps in not only delivering a great product which meets user’s expectations, but such an act also eases up work of developers creating the product.

It especially helps in those turbulent times, when difficult choices need to be made. Paths can be chosen with conviction when the decisions are made based on principles. Perhaps, a reason behind the success of multiple Google Products!!

You can read more about these principles here.


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